The Bring Our War $$ Home campaign is a coalition effort of 30+ peace and justice and economic justice groups with a focus on generating conversations that help our neighbors connect the dots between local budget shortfalls and a federal military spending.

Local resolutions calling on representatives in the House to establish better spending priorities have passed in Maine in Deer Isle, the city of Portland, and Maine School Administrative District #74, and in Massachusetts in Northampton. Many more towns have conducted public discussions of the resolution but either tabled or voted ought not to pass, and many more are in process.

Twenty members of the Maine state legislature signed a BOW$H letter to Rep. Pingree and Rep. Michaud, including the chairs of both the Appropriations and the Education & Cultural Affairs Committees, and the Senate Majority Leader. In Los Angeles Codepink activists conducted a BOW$H caravan to a V.A. hospital, and met with the mayor to request his support for a resolution there. BOW$H training sessions on how to bring local resolutions have been conducted in the SF Bay Area, Albany, NY and Wash DC for activists from around the country.

Link to photos here:

Link to news coverage of the city of Portland's 7-1 vote to pass a BOW$H resolution here:
Councilors approve anti-war resolution